General Ophthalmology Center

Greater Maryland Eye Physicians and Surgeons is a full service, comprehensive ophthalmology center located in Clinton, MD.

July 2009 marks the opening of our new state of the art surgery center just two blocks from our current location. Our new surgery center will allow us to better serve the needs of our patients.

Our doctors are all board certified ophthalmologists with the skills and training necessary to treat your vision disorders. Ophthalmologists are eye doctors that have the education and training to examine, diagnose, and treat vision disorders. An ophthalmologist has a more thorough training than an optometrist. The advanced training allows ophthalmologists to perform eye surgery on patients. An optometrist can examine and diagnose an eye disease but they may not be able to provide treatment so they will recommend an ophthalmologist.

We provide our patients with glasses and contact lens exams to see which will be most suitable for your needs. It is important that your glasses and contact lenses meet your n needs because they are important in helping you to see properly and prevent further eye problems. We have a full service optical shop on hand where we provide our patients with contact lens fittings. Patients can also directly order their contact lenses from our optical shop. To find out more about the brands we offer or if you have a question, call us at 301-868-6700, ext. 121.

For our patients with vision disorders and go beyond glasses and contact lenses we offer comprehensive eye exams. Our doctors will perform a full eye exam to screen for any eye diseases that you may be suffering from. If it has been determined you have an eye disease, our doctors will discuss possible treatment options available. Surgery may be required for patients with cataracts or glaucoma. If you feel as though you have been suffering from an eye disease please contact Greater Maryland Eye Physicians and Surgeons.

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